Razorstone UF

An amazing addition to the Razorstone family, UF is the ultra-flexible do-it-yourself wallpaper that can transform a room in minutes.

Keep it simple and make it amazing.

Originally designed for furniture and three dimensional designs, Razorstone UF has become the ultimate expression of the DIYer. Uf comes in a variety of sizes, with the standard being 4'x8', simply unroll it, cut with scissors to the desired length and use a contact adhesive to get the look you've been craving.


Real slate and really easy to apply, this version of UF will make you want to explore your creativity.



A little bit of sparkle and a lot of impact, UF mica is the simple way to brighten a room.



Like no other, UF sandstone gives the amazing look of a half tone slab that you can carry with ease.



Our newest innovation, UF limestone has a breathtaking new line of decors available.