So, What's Our Story?

Take a quick tour down memory lane and follow our journey to become the company we are today.

Years in the making

It all started about 25 years ago with a small group of independent designers that came together under the name Corsair Design Studio. They had the vision of making graphic and industrial designs that were contemporary and could last for many years regardless of the myriad trends that came and went.

Throughout the years, Corsair increased their portfolio of clients, opened several offices in New York and in 2017 opened our flagship in Austin, Texas.

A Change of Focus

With more and more clientele wanting green products, but at the same time looking to incorporate natural materials that didn't look overly distressed, they found it difficult to achieve a happy balance with what was available on the open  market. So, Corsair pooled their global contacts in engineering and material development to find something better and different. It was in one of our design sessions that we came up with initial concept that would become Razorstone.

They said to themselves "There are a ton of faux stone materials that people use from flooring to counter-tops to tile. Wouldn't it be awesome to have something that can do all of that, but is... well... real stone?" It should probably mentioned at this point that going green can truly become addictive. It is because of this that they relentlessly strove to develop something that was lightweight. Why? Because it reduces that amount of stone that is actually used (and thereby mined), increases the amount that can be transported in the same container, and will use less fuel to move it from place to place.

Enter Razorstone

With a ton of trial and error, they were finally able to fabricate a lightweight stone sheet that was rather large and as an added bonus, flexible! This exciting development was crucial as the options of where to use the stone, literally just tripled, and with this revelation, they decided to make it commercially available and Razorstone was born.

What started simply as a neat idea to make clients happy, has taken on a life of it's own and become an amazing product with huge potential to change how we look at design and, equally important, reduce how much material we use.

That's the story of how we came up with Razorstone and after about a year of development, squashing bugs, and building a distribution network, Corsair proudly incorporated Black Mountain Slate in Texas. BMS has sales representatives in Texas, New York City, Jacksonville, and Raleigh who are ready to to run out and meet commercial clients throughout the country.

Thanks for reading!

The Work Continues

Black Mountain Slate continues its work in discovering new and innovative products that will redefine commercial design with an ever watching eye on quality and precision. Whether large project or small BMS will always stand behind its  product with an idustry leading 10 year warranty.

Come back and visit often as there is always something new in the idea mill that promises to redefine design.

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